100% Paperless System

Trillium Machine, Inc. has invested in a 100% paperless system that is at the heart of our business. We have integrated all of our systems to create a seamless process from Estimating all the way to Shipping your Product. Our Quality Management System, Work Instruction, Document Control, and even our Tooling Inventory Systems have been unified to ensure that we make your parts to your satisfaction on time every time.

Process & Project Planning

We at Trillium Machine, Inc. are dedicating our time and resources to ensure that your projects have been properly planned and that they are 100% ready to be machined as they are scheduled. This continuous process ensures that you receive product on time without surprises.

Customer Preferences

Shipping preferences, customer required paperwork any other requirements you may need for your products are available at our employee fingertips to guarantee that you receive the same great experience every time that you place an order with us.

Quality Management System

Trillium Machine, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We have been certified since August 2017 and have utilized the process approach to maximize our continual improvement and risk based thinking.

Integrated Quality

Our 100% paperless quality system has First Article Inspection Reports & In Process Checks integrated into our system so we can see what measurements our operators and inspectors measured on your parts and at what date and time. No spreadsheets or external quality system is needed so that data and traceability cannot be lost due to human error or deletion.

Example of our System Integrated First Article Inspection Form and Data

Example of our In Process Check Forms & Data

Supplier Evaluations

We qualify all new suppliers and re evaluate our exisiting suppliers annually to ensure that they are as committed to quality control, able to meet to commited lead times and that they have competitive pricing.

Key Performance Indicators

We take our customer satisfaction so seriously that we monitor specific KPI’s to ensure that we can deliver consistent parts. Here are some of our KPI’s :

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Returns
  • Supplier Issues
  • On Time Delivery