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Military Defense CNC Machining

Trillium Machine, Inc. delivers superior machining precision for intricate Military and Defense parts.

Advanced CNC Machining

Whether it’s utilizing unmanned drones to survey positions, transporting materials and personnel via specialized vehicles, or equipping soldiers with the right machinery and firearms, the military has unique and stringent requirements when it comes to machined parts. Precision performance requires precision tooling, and Trillium Machine provides unmatched expertise and knowledge for complex military parts.

Military and Defense Manufacturing Capabilities

Our paperless ERP software allows for seamless prototyping which takes a design from machine to product on time and on budget. We understand timeliness and accuracy is as important to us as seriously as any Soldier, Airman, Seaman, Marine, or Coast Guardsman. Our flexibility and size means we can work within your changing scope and needs, and our Zeiss CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines) detect minute details on our parts to ensure the highest level of quality control,

From our DMU50 to our NL2000 machines, we have the capabilities to manufacture whatever part you need. Our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines deliver quality parts at any scale using 4 and 5 Axis Milling,as well as having Mill-Turn capabilities.

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A Leading Military and Defense Manufacturing Company

Our ITAR registered shop has 45 years of experience in crafting parts as a defense manufacturing company for a variety of weapons systems and optics mounts. Our CNC machines are versatile enough to tackle any project given to us. UAVs and Armored Vehicles require complex and durable components which Trillium delivers at small or large volume with short turnarounds.

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Trillium Machine, Inc. is dedicated to our customers and provides quality craftsmanship to meet and/or exceed expectations of our machined parts. Trillium is committed to continual maintenance, improvements, and enhancements of our machining facility. We are also committed to the continual advancement of our processes and procedures. We stand by our produced parts with a Quality Guarantee.


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